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Frequently Asked Questions

The registry allows a short period of time to renew at your normal registration price, but then they raise the price considerably, and if you don’t pay the grace period redemption price they delete the name. Once the name enters the deletion queue, we lose the ability to retrieve it for you. You have to compete for it on its deletion date, and if you’re able to regain it, it may be expensive. We strongly recommend renewing your domains well in advance of their expiration dates to avoid the frustration and expense of this process.

You can renew a domain name almost any time, and you can extend the expiration date up to 10 years from current expiration date.

When you register a domain name, you gain exclusive rights to that domain name for a period of time but not forever. It’s more like a lease than a purchase. In effect, renewing extends your lease on the domain name.

Manage a Premium Domain as you would any other domain name.

Preconfiguration is providing contact and organization information that some country registries require. Preconfiguration information is often used by registries that have [presence requirements]—requirements that the registrant and/or other contacts live or have documented organizations in the country.

Premium Domains are highly desirable, privately owned domain names offered at a price higher than we normally charge for domain names. These domain names have an established Web presence and a solid traffic history, and are offered at prices commensurate with their value as Internet real estate. For Premium Domains, you pay the higher price once. In future years the renewal rate is the usual low rate charged for any domain name with that TLD (the extension, such as .com).

A domain name is a unique address or identifier on the World Wide Web. One easily recognizable example is Type that domain name in your browser address bar, and the worldwide system of name servers connects your computer to the content of the Google web site. Domain names are sometimes referred to as the real estate of the World Wide Web. A domain name gives you exclusive rights to a unique parcel on the Internet landscape.

If your domain name is not currently working as you expect it to, you should contact your hosting company (the one who provides website hosting, email and other services) to enquire what may be the issue. It is also possible that your domain name has expired and was not renewed in time. Domains need to be renewed every year in order to remain active. Please contact the company you last used for registration of your domain name. If the domain is listed as being with Tucows/OpenSRS then you need to contact your domain Provider to have the domain renewed. We also have a section on Renewal and Expiration of domain names on this website which may be helpful. No related posts.